HESSCPAG Is a Professional Association For Procurement And Supply Chain Staff Within The Health Sector. A professional body under Health Service Workers Union (HSWU). The umbrella body in the health sector for all Health support staff, Paramedical etc. 
HESSCPAG is geared towards providing a platform for a resilient workforce in health supply chain for synergy and professionalism for an enhanced ethical standard.

What we did.

The objective was simple, design and build a brand new content hub for HESSCPAG to help showcase the organization and provide an online presence through SEO within 2 weeks. We proceeded to creating designs that are not only refreshing, but ties in with the brand.

Web Design
& Develompent

Search Engine

& Analytics

Mobile Applications

Fully Responsive

A consistent user experience regardless of what you’re using to view it. Whether you’re firing up a website on your iPhone or your laptop. content is consistent throughout.

The mobile and tablet version of the website resize appropriately to the size and resolution of the screen without losing any important content and is very usable, easy to navigate and practical.

Fonts & Colors.

A classy font




A refreshing palette

A palette that symbolizes the vibrant green of the HESSPAG brand. We chose several shades of web-friendly, lively colors that align the website with the organization’s identity.