Ice Autos

Ice Autos is a customer-focused dealership specializing in the sale of high-quality pre-owned cars.
The Georgia based dealership is committed to providing exceptional value, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Ice Autos aims to provide exceptional pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices, with a commitment to customer satisfaction.a

What we did.

The task: Establish a strong digital presence and enhancing visibility through SEO. We embarked on a journey to design a brand new content hub that would effectively showcase the dealership’s offerings. Incorporating high-quality imagery and immersive media elements, we churned out a sleek design, user-friendly interface, and strong SEO foundation for Ice Autos to thrive in the digital landscape.

Web Design
& Develompent

Search Engine

& Analytics

Mobile Applications

Fully Responsive

A consistent user experience regardless of what you’re using to view it. Whether you’re firing up a website on your iPhone or your laptop. content is consistent throughout.

The mobile and tablet version of the website resize appropriately to the size and resolution of the screen without losing any important content and is very usable, easy to navigate and practical.

Fonts & Colors.

A classy font




A palette of elegance

From bold electric blue accents to subtle black and white backgrounds, each color plays a distinct role in reinforcing the brand’s identity and creating a memorable impression on visitors.