4 Development

S4D Consulting is a leading consultancy firm focused on transforming organizational performance through sustainable information and communication technology.
S4D’s mission to leverage technology as a key enabler to change business operations, especially in the developing world. The company leverages data as a business asset to drive organizational performance and growth. S4D is focused on steering organizational efforts towards interventions that are guided by strong technology initiatives.

What we did.

S4D required a redesign of their website. A professional website to capture everything about the organization. We based our theme on the company’s colors. We also added animations to provide an interactive feel to the visual experience. The final step was to complete full SEO on all pages to ensure maximum exposure to search.

Web Design
& Develompent

Search Engine

& Analytics

Mobile Applications

A responsive website

A website designed that offers a seamless experience across all platforms. Mobile phone devices feature a hamburger icon for the menu. The site collapses from two columns on desktop computers, laptops and tablets to a single column on mobile phones.

Larger screens offer the menu in both the hamburger icon and a full menu bar.

Fonts & Colors.

A classy font




A sophisticated palette

A palette carefully curated to highlight the S4D professionalism. This minimalistic palette allows for a strong focus on the appealing visuals and overall clean feeling of the site.